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hybrid power = the future

We see big changes coming to the heavy-duty, off-road equipment world.  While the on-road freight hauling and the commercial automotive sectors have made huge leaps in technology, mainly in the plug-in electric (PEV), hybrid electric (PEV), and all electric (EV) vehicles, the off-road market (or what we call the "mobile" industry) has remained much the same.  The one change to note is the adoption of new TIER IV diesel engines, which have resulted in extremely clean emissions.  But improvements in overall efficiency have remained elusive.

Terzo Power Systems sees this as an opportunity for a small team of dedicated engineers to make a significant impact on this global industry.  How are we doing that? 

By developing the Hevi Hybrid power platform.  This hybrid power system is a ground-up re-thinking of hybrid technology for the heavy-duty equipment.

The mobile industry covers agricultural, construction, mining, off-road freight, oil&gas, marine, and other non-stationary specialty machines.  These application require very specialized systems that perform an extremely wide array of functions in a wide array of conditions.  Just think of a paving machine laying down 300°F asphalt on a 105 degree day in Arizona, or a snowcat operating in the Antarctic during a -40° expedition.  These are not uncommon applications in our industry and the equipment has to work day in and day out.  So our team at Terzo Power Systems had to address these and many more issues such as how do you heat and cool the operator cab when you have an engine that turns off intermittently (typical in a hybrid systems), or how can you power your hydraulic system on a 400v DC bus?

Those questions and many other are what we have been tackling for the last several years and thanks to support from the California Energy Commission, we have been able to speed up our development.

Our Hevi Hybrid system is based off the series hybrid architecture.  This is different from a parallel hybrid in that the engine is completely decoupled from the drive train.  Many automotive hybrid systems are of the parallel type due to the fact that the drive train is the primary power user in the system.  This is very different from heavy-duty off-road equipment where a multitude of hydraulic auxiliary functions may call for a larger power demand than the drive train (or traction drive)


Our Hevi Hybrid system is comprised of a set of building blocks that can be integrated in various ways into most heavy-duty vehicle applications to achieve significant energy savings, improved performance, reduced weight, or a TIER IV alternative.